This site  gives you free access to my scientific articles dealing with the rate and extent of removal of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.
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Paper 4                          
draws attention to the fact that increasing temperature leads to an outgassing of carbon dioxide from the hydrosphere and estimates the strength of that thermal effect by strict kinetic analysis of the temperture-dependent El Niño fluctuations of the Keeling curve. A simple air-ocean model is presented which accounts quantitatively for these fluctuations, as well as for the long-term trend of the Keeling curve.

Paper 5
shows that the above model accounts quantitatively also for the bomtesst curve (graphics below)

paper 5 figur 1

The bombtest curve describes the observed natural removal of the excess of airborn
C14-carbon dioxide that was produced by atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons



Main inferences provided by the papers:
1. The uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is controlled by the air level of the gas and a turnover time of about 14 years, without any detecable limitations attributable to saturation effects or slow oceanic events.
2. Anthropogenic emissions and thermal outgassing have provided approximately equal contributions to the rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the 20th century.
3. Climate model projections supported by the IPCC are based on carbon cycle models that gravely exaggerate human contributions to future carbon dioxide levels due to neglect of thermal outgassing and of the available empirical information on the relaxation kinetics of atmospheric carbon dioxide.
4. Adequate consideration of thermal outgassing eliminates the ‘missing sink’ problem.



Paper 4 replaces previous Paper 3.
Paper 5 replaces previous Paper 1 and 2